Market Info August 2022 Housing Market Stats Normal Price Growth & Increasing Inventory Contributed to Market Continued Stabilization. Inventory has reached the highest level since September 2018. The market continues its normalizing trend for the 3rd consecutive month, boosted by a more sustainable rate of price growth & more available supply.        
Market Info Pricing Your House Right is Critical It’s critical to price your house right in today’s market. Let’s connect to make sure your house is priced to sell.  
Market Info Here’s What Housing Experts Forecast for the Rest of 2022 Nationally, home prices are forecast to appreciate, just at a more moderate pace than last year. Let’s connect if you plan to buy or sell a home this year so you have a trusted advisor on your side.
Uncategorized Home Renovations That Offer the Best ROI for Resale SHARE Renovations That Add ROI Looking to make some upgrades and wondering which will have the biggest pay off? If you guessed kitchen and bathrooms, you’re spot on. Another good one is landscaping. Whether they’re big or small, a few upgrades can pay big dividends when it’s time to sell your home. Follow these tips to prioritize and put more […]
Uncategorized Insider Tips to Buying a Home in Today’s Market It’s always hard to predict the future, especially with the housing market. But one thing is for sure – real estate remains a sound investment. If you’re looking for your dream home, here are some tips to help set you up for success and guide you through this buying season. Assess Your Financial Health Before […]
Uncategorized New Texas Law For Homeowners And HOA’S Beginning September 1, 2022 Heads Up for folks who live in an HOA: NEW TEXAS LAW FOR HOMEOWNERS AND HOA’S BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 1, 2022: • Senate Bill 1588: • Homeowners anywhere in Texas will be allowed to put up a perimeter fence around their property for added security (front, sides, and/or back of homeowner’s property). The law specifically states […]
Selling Why an Agent Is Essential When Pricing Your House When it comes to pricing your house, there’s a lot to consider. The only way to ensure you price it right is by partnering with a local real estate professional. To find the best price, your agent balances current market demand, the values of homes in your neighborhood, where prices are headed, and your home’s condition. […]
Newsletters Real Estate Newsletter July 2022 Real Estate News July 2022 Your referrals are always appreciated and treated with friendly, professional care. Rising Mortgage Rates May Affect Asking Prices If you’ve been paying any amount of attention to the real estate market, you may have noticed that mortgage rates have been steadily increasing throughout most of 2022. In fact, the average […]
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Uncategorized Critical Role in any Real Estate Transaction 184 Things I Do for Real Estate Clients. Your real estate agent play’s a critical role in the real estate transaction. The general public is not always aware of all the service agents provide to both buyers and sellers during the course of a transaction probably because most of these important services are performed behind the […]
Buying Things to Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage Congratulations! You’ve found a home to buy and have applied for a mortgage! You’re undoubtedly excited about the opportunity to decorate your new home, but before you make any large purchases, move your money around, or make any big-time life changes, consult your loan officer – someone who will be able to tell you how […]
Buying Six Expert Tips for New Home-buyers Six Expert Tips for New Home-buyers People searching for a first home do a lot of homework. Studying everything from amenities to neighborhoods and house types is a common task. Sometimes, people get hung on a few details and may not realize they are overlooking some important factors. This blog covers six crucial things new buyers […]
Buying 4 Ways Mortgage Insurance Helps Homebuyers Shared aticle by Marshall Gayden RIS Media June 22,2022 EVP of Mortgage Insurance Sales at Radia Real estate agents know all too well, today’s homebuyers are navigating one of the most difficult housing markets in recent memory, and affordability has become a major obstacle. Home prices are at the highest levels ever recorded, there is […]
Uncategorized Real Estate Newsletter June 2022 REAL ESTATE NEWS JUNE 2022 Brought to you by Debbie Marett GRI Realtor® Your referrals are always appreciated and treated with friendly, professional care Housing Market Still Favors Sellers–but has it Set to a Change? Ever since interest rates decreased at the beginning of the pandemic, the real estate market throughout most of the country has heavily favored sellers. […]
Market Info Fact or Fiction – “We are in a Housing Bubble”
Market Info Buyers regaining some control as market shifts, supply grows BY BEN VERDE June 03, 2022 Buyers regaining some control as market shifts, supply grows: Redfin The report, released Thursday, found more than one in five sellers dropped their asking price during May 2022, the highest rate since October 2019, as mortgage rates sit at over 5% Buyers are regaining some control as the market shifts […]
Selling Thinking of Selling Your Home Yourself? Think Again… Thinking of Selling Your Home Yourself? Think Again… Surveys show that many homeowners and homebuyers are not aware of the true value a REALTOR® provides during the course of a real estate transaction. The National Association of Realtors found that homes sold through the Multi-Listing Service sold 20 days faster on average, and 20% of FSBO […]
Market Info Should Inflation Change Your Homebuying Plans? Shared from My Home by Freddie Mac® 2/1/2022 Inflation has reached a 40-year high. What does that mean for you as you consider whether or not to buy a home in 2022? You’ve likely noticed that life grew more expensive in 2021. A combination of government aid, demand for goods and bottlenecked supply chains has increased […]
Selling Reasons FSBO’s Fail & Why You Need a Realtor® February 3, 2021, By FastExpert Here is a great article why selling your home on your own (For Sale by Owner – FSBO) might not be the best option: Reasons FSBO Home Sellers Fail Not Understanding the Process Selling a house is not as easy as selling a car. It’s an extensive process that demands a lot […]
Selling Will Solar Add Value to Your Home When You Sell? Slapping solar panels on the roof may save homeowners some money on their electric bill, but will it also raise their home’s value when they sell it?  Many homeowners consider adding solar panels for one (or a combination) of three reasons: They’re environmentally conscious. They’re looking to save money. They think it will add value […]
Market Info Over 10 Years, Homeowners Obtained $240K in Equity As prices climb, homeowners who’ve owned their homes for a while have seen a boost in appreciation. Over the past decade, a homeowner who purchased a single-family existing home would have gained $229,400 in home equity if the home were sold at the median price in the fourth quarter of 2021, according to a new […]