A new way to overcome selling your existing home and purchase a new one.

-What if you could be assured that your house will sell and make an offer on your next home with the buying power as if your current home is already sold?

-Receive a cash offer on your home that is good for 45 days, in the meantime still put it on the mls to test the market and secure a possibly higher offer.

-After 45 days, if a higher offer does not come in, you can either accept the cash offer from Realsure or continue to market your home with no pressure to accept.

How awesome is that!?

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RealSure® Program

The RealSure program empowers you to make confident choices when selling your home and provides flexibility for when you buy a new one. It is designed to give you greater assurance and control.

In collaboration with Home Partners of America, the program includes RealSure Sell*, which gives you a guaranteed cash offer for your home while I continue to market it for a higher price. And RealSure Buy*, which lets you place a bid on a new home, even if your current home hasn’t sold yet.

RealSure Sell provides:

  • Flexibility to get the best price
  • Ability to receive an even higher offer

RealSure Buy provides:

  • Home Value Statement allows you to make an offer on your next home as if your current home is already sold by removing any sales contingency
  • Take comfort in knowing your home will sell even if a third-party buyer drops out
  • Flex Stay offers you up to four weeks to remain in your home after selling to RealSure while preparing to move to your next home