Located just north of Austin about fifteen miles north of the Colorado River on the eastern edge of the blackland prairies, is the suburb of Pflugerville (the P is silent!). Residents enjoy beautiful trails, a stunning lake, tons of shopping and restaurants, and affordable homes.


Pflugerville was founded in1860 when William Bohls established a general store and post office in his residence, and named the town in honor of Henry Pfluger. Pfluger first arrived in the area in 1849, leaving his German homeland to escape the Prussian War. He first purchased 160 acres of land two miles east of Austin from John Liese, a brother-in-law who had immigrated before him. In 1853, Henry Pfluger exchanged the land for a larger farm about five miles east of present day Pflugerville. 


Pflugerville began to grow slowly in the 1960’s and was incorporated in 1965. From 1980 through 1988, new development in Pflugerville made it the fastest growing community in the state. After a slight slowdown during the recession of the late 1980’s, the tremendous growth resumed again during the 1990’s, as the population nearly quadrupled in size from 4,444 residents in 1990 to 16,335 in 2000.  The current population of Pflugerville, Texas is approximately 69,004.

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What to Do in Pflugerville

There is lots to keep you busy in Pflugerville! Some of which include: Texas Typhoon Water Park, Spirit of Texas Distillery, Lake Pflugerville, Gilleland Creek Park, Austin Park & Pizza, North East Metro Skate/Bike Park, Blackhwak Golf Club and Stoney Creek Park.

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