Selling June 2, 2022

Thinking of Selling Your Home Yourself? Think Again…

Thinking of Selling Your Home Yourself? Think Again…

Surveys show that many homeowners and homebuyers are not aware of the true value a REALTOR® provides during the course of a real estate transaction.

The National Association of Realtors found that homes sold through the Multi-Listing Service sold 20 days faster on average, and 20% of FSBO listings had to renew their listing on the MLS because they didn’t sell. … There’s a reason a real estate agent is a full-time job.

Most people hire a real estate agent to sell their home. In fact, 91% of Texans did so in 2020, according to research by the National Association of REALTORS®. If you are considering selling your home on your own, make sure you know what you are in for. The process can be complicated and the stakes high.

Here are just a few of the many reasons a REALTOR® is the best choice to help you sell your home:

Nobody Knows the Market Better Than a REALTOR®
REALTORS® are engaged every day in buying and selling real estate. They know what factors help a property sell quickly and for the highest price. They also understand what causes homes to languish on the market. A REALTOR® will help you make the best decisions to realize your goals.

A REALTOR® Can Help You Get Ready to Sell
Wondering what updates to tackle before putting your home on the market? Unsure how to price your property? What you decide could lead to tens of thousands of dollars in gains or losses. A REALTOR® brings a wealth of experience to help you optimize your sale in these and many other areas. You won’t have to figure out on your own what disclosures are required, which forms to use, and other important considerations.

REALTORS® Make the Whole Process Smoother
It’s exciting when your home goes under contract. But there’s a long road from accepting an offer to successfully closing a sale. A REALTOR® is your trusted resource to guide you the rest of way. A REALTOR® can also help you deal with surprises that pop up with appraisals, inspections, insurance, your loan, and dozens of other steps required to successfully sell your home.

Not All Agents are REALTORS®
Only REALTORS® pledge to follow a strict code of ethics and are expected to maintain a high level of real estate knowledge. When you are thinking of selling your home, talk to a REALTOR®.